Sunday, September 25, 2011

Being a Photographer and Mom

A photog-mom-rapher was born almost 3 years ago when I gave birth to my son Wayne. Recently, and I mean VERY recently, giving birth to my daughter Raelynn who is 2 weeks old.

I was a photographer way before the thought of having kids was even in the picture. My primary focus was weddings, fine art and architecture. I had only done one kid portrait before having kids. I figured that field was best left to the advanced amateurs out there. Once I became a parent, I realized why so many mom's get into photography after they have kids. They are BEAUTIFUL!! Now that I have one male model and one female model, I intend to take pictures of them all the time.

When the professional books are empty and all my mom chores are done, I enjoy bringing them up in the studio for some model time. These are the cheapest models around. While they are not free, I have to feed, water and (nurse) them, they do not require prints or cd's for their time. Although their images will be printed and used for our viewing pleasure around the house.

I hope to share my endeavors here. Encouraging me and other mom's to take amazing pictures of their kids- all the time!